Javier Aguirre uses Simeone as a 'shield' in the face of criticism in Mexico

Javier Aguirre uses Simeone as a ‘shield’ in the face of criticism in Mexico

Javier Aguirrecoach of the Monterrey Striped, compared this Thursday his bad step in front of the Mexican team with that of the Argentine coach Diego Simeon at Atletico Madrid Spanish.

“Right now Simeone with 10 years in Atletico Madrid had a string of bad results and yet he is a hero in Madridthe best coach in the history of the ‘Athletic‘, there are the critics. Criticism is something we can’t control and it’s something that will always exist, it’s inherent to the job,” he explained.

The ‘Vasco’ Aguirrewho led the Atletico Madrid Between 2006 and 2009, he went through one of his worst moments as a strategist for the Montereywhich he reached in December 2020 and with which he failed in his attempt to reach the final of the Club World Cup, tournament in which the Rayados finished fifth.

Furthermore, in the first two tournaments of League in front of the Montereythe most expensive equipment Mexicowas eliminated in the quarterfinals.

Hence Aguirre compare with the present that lives Simeone at Atletico Madrid, who after giving him the title of League last season keeps it in fifth place in the table in Spain.


3l “When we technicians decide to take on this position, we are exposed to the environment and it should not affect you. Praise weakens and criticism strengthens, but what prevails are the results, if there are no results, your work is at risk and if there are, it is also at risk because we have to see how they are achieved. The technicians have an expiration date, some last longer, others less”, added ‘El Vasco’.

Aguirre he said ready to leave behind the Club World Cup when visiting this Friday the Puebla leader of the Argentine coach Nicholas Larcamon on the sixth day of the Clausura 2022 tournament.

“Puebla is going to be a tough match, they are the leader, a rival that plays football well, with a great coach, with great players who know how to play their style of play,” he said.

The manager also praised Larcamonwho since he arrived three tournaments ago has made Puebla stand out on every court he plays on.

“Larcamón is a good coach. He deserves all my respect, he is one of those that we like to see come to our country. He is a human being with values ​​and ethics, I think he is fantastic,” he concluded.

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