Nathasha Rosa takes the podium at the Pan American Weightlifting

Brazil returned to shine this Monday (25th) at the Weightlifting Pan American Games, in Bogotá (Colombia). One day after Emily Rosa won three gold medals in the under-45 kg category, today it was sister Nathasha Rosa’s turn to secure a silver and two bronzes, in the 49 kg category, with the right to break Brazilian records.Nathasha Rosa takes the podium at the Pan American WeightliftingNathasha Rosa takes the podium at the Pan American Weightlifting

In the sum of the exercises (grades obtained from the snatch and throw), the Brazilian totaled 190 kg, being just one kilo of reaching the sum of the vice-champion Jourdan Delacruz (United States) and two of the also North American Hayley Reichardt, medal of gold.

Nathasha started by lifting 80 kg in the snatch, and then went on to lift 84 kg, securing silver. The gold went to the Mexican Andrea Martinez (85 kg) and the bronze to the North American Hayley Reichardt (84 kg).

In the throw, the Brazilian started with 101 kg of weight, then managed to lift 104 kg and successfully finished lifting 106 kg, which guaranteed not only the bronze but also the new Brazilian record in the throw. Two Americans completed the podium: Jourdan Delacruz and Hayley Reichardt lifted the same 108 kg, but Delacruz took the gold by the tiebreaker criteria.

The other Brazilian who climbed the platform today also in the 49 kg category was Luíza Dias, who finished in ninth place with a total of 175 kg (she had 95 kg in the throw and 80 in the snatch).

“It was sensational, it was a total overcoming. She beat Brazilian records in the throw and total and stayed until the last move in the fight for the title. With the weights she lifted, Nathasha would get a medal at the World Championships, she has already reached that level”, praised coach Dragos Stanica, in a statement to the Brazilian Weightlifting Confederation (CBLP).

On Sunday (24), Emily Rosa opened Brazil’s first day of disputes at the Pan, securing three gold medals, lifting 73 kg in the snatch, 90 kg in the throw, totaling 163 kg.

In addition to the Rosa sisters, the Brazilian women’s delegation is in Colombia with world medalists Amanda Schott and Laura Amaro; the under-17 world medalist Taiane Justino; Amanda Silva, Bruna Piloto, Luiza Dias, Letícia Laurindo and Raquel Santos. For men, the national representatives are Josué Lucas, Marco Túlio Gregório and Thiago Félix.


Tuesday (26)

4pm – 73kg men

6pm – 59kg women

8pm – 81kg men

Wednesday, (27)

4pm – Women’s 64kg

6pm – 89kg men

8pm – 71kg women

Thursday (28)

2pm – Men’s 96kg

4pm – 73kg women

18:00 – 102kg men

8pm – 81kg women

Friday (29)

2pm – 87kg women

4pm – Men’s 109kg

6pm – +87kg women

20h – +109kg men

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