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Mujica’s suggestions to Lula for the retirement of presidents to prosper

Mujica's suggestions to Lula for the retirement of presidents to prosper

The ex-president Jose Mujica I send him a letter to the president of Brazil, Luiz Inacio Lula da Silvain which he wished “success” in the “El Retiro” initiativea meeting of all Latin American presidents to strengthen regional integration in which the president will participate Luis Lacalle Pou.

For Mujica the event means a “Historical opportunity where the height will be set by the greatness of what the participants show”and ensured that the region must build “a progressive consensus.”

“It’s not enough to unite, we must walk togetherand if sometimes it is not possible, doors must be open to leave and to return when possible. We must be able to build a progressive consensus that don’t paralyze us and that allows advance to those who are in a position and then add those who decide so”Mujica wrote in his letter.

For the Uruguayan ex-president the region has spent “two centuries of failures trying to achieve regional integration” from “that Bolivarian dream of a group of confederated republics” that “was forgotten in time”. He believes that “it is not smart to repeat failures” and that countries they have “enough experience” not to “repeat” the “mistakes of the past.”

The former president told Lula that “regional integration is a goal” and the way to it “goes through the proliferation of cooperation projects” among the countries of the region.

According to Mujica, “the set of global crises” currently taking place “it can lead to the collapse of the essential conditions for life on the planet”for which he stated that: “Joining forces is the least we can do to avoid being passive victims and give ourselves a chance for a better future.”

“At 88 years old, the ability to dream of a different America gives life more meaning”concluded the Frente Amplio politician.

Movement of citizens and “protection of fresh water”: Mujica’s ideas for integration

Mujica introduced the Brazilian president various proposals to favor the integration of the region. First, she talked about the need to “facilitate the movement of citizens”with more “student exchanges” and “validation of diplomas”.

He then explained that the countries of the region they must unite “in the protection of fresh water and the defense of nature”.

His third idea was the designation of “dates, flag and name, including even an anthem” for the countries. “Without the strength of the people we will continue the same we must build mysticismWhy this It is the fight for another culture, something we never achieved”said the former president.

Within that “mysticism”, he put on the table the possibility of set “the same day a year on which, throughout the continent, all schools can dedicate themselves to this subject”.

“Until now, when we talk about integration we have been purely PhoeniciansHow much do I sell you and how much do you sell me? and The Phoenicians, who were formidable merchants, did not create any civilization”he added.

He also included in his letter two aspects of “organization” between the countries: first, he explained that direct communication between governments must be “fluid and frequent”and then wrote that “There must be a person with the function of monitoring projects that involve two or more countries in the region” to assess your progress, in a “Integration Secretariat”.

Finally, he indicated to Lula that the Latin American representatives in international forums they must give the message of a region “that takes care of its common interests” and added that it would be “desirable” for presidents “Incorporate allusions to the region in every speech at the national and international level.”

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