Mujica on Summit of the Americas: "They are very come to less for a long time"

Former President José Mujica dismissed the current importance of the Summit of the Americas, in view of the one to be held in June. “These summits are long overdue,” Mujica declared this Friday in 970 Universal Radio News. “From a practical point of view, little reflect the need of the people“, he added.

“It seems to me that it will be more noise than nuts, because for a long time the policy of the United States has not given Latin America greater importance”said.

Likewise, Mujica pointed out that the country presided over by Joe Biden “today is focused on the conflict in Ukraine” and that at the summit “some things, rather declarative, will probably be raised” regarding the war conflict. “I don’t think it will happen much more.”ventured the historical referent of the Popular Participation Movement.

“Hopefully I’m wrong, but I think it will be more of the same,” Mujica said.

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