Interior and Police on crime

Interior and Police on crime

the minister of Interior and PoliceJesús Vásquez Martínez, warned that there is no room for going backwards or going backwards in the fight against delinquency and organized crime, since most of the cases that have been registered in recent days have occurred in sectors that have not yet been intervened within the Comprehensive Strategy of Security citizen “My Safe Country”.

He pointed out that, in the case of Santiago in the intervened sectors such as Baracoa, the Historic Center and Los Pepines, crimes have been reduced considerably, as well as Cienfuegos, Bermúdez widening, La Joya, La Otra Banda, Los Jardines, Nibaje and New Town.

The same has happened in the intervened neighborhoods of San Francisco de Macorís, Vista al Valle, Santa Ana, Rabo de Chivo and San Martín, also in La Romana, Barahona, Oviedo and in the National District itself, among which are Cristo Rey , La Zurza, widen La Fe and La Puya de Arroyo Hondo.

He announced that work is being done on the lifting of rigor to intervene in the coming days Boca Chica, Puerto Plata, Moca and Higüey.

“The delinquency and organized crime will have no respite, because in the Dominican Republic in the current administration of President Luis Abinader there is a political will expressed in the Comprehensive Strategy of Security citizen”my safe country“and in the transformation and professionalization of the National Police,” he stressed.

He stated that those responsible for the chaos of the past do not have the moral or political quality to ask for anyone’s head, in this government, because unlike them, crime does not have godfathers.

He indicated that the government spares no effort in combating the delinquencyin order to guarantee the security citizen throughout the national territory.

“I guarantee the country that from the Government under no circumstances are we going to allow unscrupulous people to alter peace and order in the Dominican Republicso much so that most of the events that have occurred recently have occurred in those places where we have not yet arrived with the strategy of security citizen,” he said.

He also highlighted that in an unprecedented event in the history of the Dominican Republic in the almost two years of this government, more than 52 tons of different types of drugs have been seized, such as cocaine, marijuana, crack and ecstasy, as well as in international cooperation with allied countries, the DNCD has contributed to the seizure of 9,704 more kilos.

“But these cases are not left up in the air, they have names and surnames, resulting in 39,440 criminals arrested and brought to justice, 93 percent Dominican and 7 percent foreign, unlike what happened in the past. recent,” revealed the minister.

“To give you an idea of ​​what we are talking about and the difference between the current government management and those that were before, only so far this year almost 20 tons of different drugs have been incinerated in total, used in the work against drug trafficking that are carried out throughout the country,” he said.

“In a few words, so far in President Luis Abinader’s administration, more drugs have been recovered than in the last 4 years of the last government,” he asserted.

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