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MP denounces mistreatment of asylum owner in Rio

The Public Ministry of Rio de Janeiro denounced businesswoman Vanessa da Silva Ferro de Souza, owner and administrator of the nursing home for the elderly, in Guaratiba, west of Rio, for mistreatment that led to the death of one of the institution’s patients. The complaint was made in April, but was only released today (9). MP denounces mistreatment of asylum owner in Rio

On Sunday (7), the Civil Police caught red-handed Vanessa and two employees, for the crimes of ill-treatment, torture, kidnapping and false imprisonment and closed the nursing home.

The complaint, filed with the 40th Criminal Court of the Capital, reports that, between January and May 2015, Vanessa endangered the life and health of Jorge Luis dos Santos Azeredo, an elderly man who was hospitalized in the asylum after suffering a cerebrovascular accident (CVA). The nursing home deprived the elderly person of the treatment necessary for his recovery, having failed to provide adequate food and hydration to the victim, who was hospitalized by her daughter.

Due to the lack of adequate care, the elderly developed bedsores or pressure ulcers due to the lack of blood supply in bedridden patients, caused by lack of movement, hygiene and adequate nutrition.

On April 5, 2015, the daughter found Jorge Luis with his body covered in bedsores, without clothes and smeared with feces. Taken to the Pedro II Municipal Hospital, in Santa Cruz, in the west of the city, with malnutrition, dehydration and pneumonia, Jorge developed a generalized infection and died.

Vanessa was denounced on the basis of Article 136, paragraph 2, of the Penal Code, which provides for imprisonment from four to 12 years.

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