Piedad Córdoba was hospitalized again in Medellín

According to information provided by the family of the Senator Piedad Córdoba, was re-admitted to the health center in the city of Medellín due to health problems.

Close sources indicate that the congresswoman attended an emergency visit to the El Rosario Clinic in El Tesoro, in the city of Medellíndue to a relapse in his state of health, possibly due to a relapse in the consequences left by his COVID-19 infection in the middle of the presidential campaign.

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According to information collected by the Week magazine, the daughter of Córdoba, Natalia María Castro Córdobais noted that his mother “is indisposed.”

“She is unwell, she has an abdominal distension. is stable” and added that “there are no details, his attention process is just beginning.” It should be remembered that the senator for the Historical Pact did not take office on July 20 in Congressbut he did it days before at the hands of Roy Barreras himself, president of the Senate.

The senator had already been admitted to an emergency in days past to the intensive care unit of the El Rosario Clinic in the capital of Antioquia due to health problems, as a result of his contagion of COVID-19 in the middle of the presidential campaign.

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Before, she was also hospitalized in the country’s capital, after learning of her contagion when she advanced her political escapade through the center of the country.

It is expected that in the next few hours more details of the senator’s state of health will be known, who until now has not been present in the Congress of the Republic.

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