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Motor Credit provides digital accessibility to the disabled

The savings and credit bank, Engine Credithas implemented actions to contribute to the inclusion of people who present some disabilityreported the bank.

Through a statement, Motor Credit informed that this month they have taken another important step, implementing technological tools in their digital channels that allow those with visual limitations to consult the information they require and request products or services, without depending on the intervention of a third.

Within the help presented by the web portal, users can adjust the dimensions of the text, the cursor and the spaces; as well as the contrast, enhance the links, stop the animations, change the colors of the web portal, read the text aloud, among others.

“The objective of this implementation is to gradually convert our digital channels so that they can be used freely by those who suffer from conditions such as: color blindness, hearing loss, visual acuity, among others. We continue working to contribute to the construction of an inclusive society”, informed Benahuare Pichardo, president of the entity.

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