Darwin Espinoza of AP: "If the democratic order is broken by vacating Castillo, then we all leave"

Darwin Espinoza of AP: “If the democratic order is broken by vacating Castillo, then we all leave”

congressman ) ruled on the journalistic complaint that was made about the participation of some parliamentarians, including the convened by a German NGO to address the. In that line, he rejected that this measure is the correct one because it would break the democratic order and that if it were to materialize then “we are all leaving.”

“There are two different versions. What the weekly reports of an alleged plot and the information given by the president of Congress who indicated that they were in training, the curious thing is that not all of us congressmen were invited. If Castillo goes, I’ll go too. He wouldn’t be willing to stay if the democratic order breaks down, so we all have to go. If it goes against the popular election, then we all go. If Castillo goes, I’ll go too. It is not to force ourselves in favor, but we are part of a democratic system and popular election, why is it going to be valid for some and not for others? ”, She declared to a local media.

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Along these lines, he stressed that AP “is against any instability or breakdown of the democratic system and that was demonstrated in the granting of trust that was given.”

Finally, Espinoza maintained that some of the interpellations to the ministers, as part of the political control of Parliament, were carried out correctly, but others were not productive. “From my office we are focused on passing laws,” he added.


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