Madres piden máquina de lavado sangre sea reparada

Mothers ask blood washing machine to be repaired

Santo Domingo.-Mothers of children with sickle cell anemia (falcemia), asked yesterday to fix the blood washing machine at the Robert Reid Cabral Children’s Hospital.

Because this equipment is damaged, these women worried about the situation have had to go to other hospitals, having to spend more than expected or losing money when the procedure is not done properly.

“There are several mothers who have been very worried looking for a place where we can wash the blood. At least I went to the Oncology and they did me a favor, because they specified that this time they were going to do it to me, but later I would not be able to go do it, “said Cinthia de León.

On her side, Kilsy Hernández went to a health center where she paid RD$9,000 to obtain her son’s blood and when she arrived at the pediatric hospital she was informed that a process that had to be carried out in the washing was not carried out, so this liquid did not work for the infant.


— Change or fix
The mothers stated that at the blood bank they were explained that “it is not a hospital thing”, but that they have to go to the National Health Service (SNS), so they ask for it to be fixed or replaced.

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