Mayor Carolina Cosse launched the “PlanV”

The mayor of Montevideo, Carolina Cosse, expressed through her networks the launch of the “Planv”, as an alternative to improve cleaning.

According to the community leader, the measure was born because “they did not vote for the project with the IDB to improve cleaning and sanitation, we launched PlanV.” The new plan is tasked with carrying out “various actions in favor of the environment,” said Cosse. Later she stated that during the last day “we met with dozens of volunteers who will collaborate honorarily to have one every day.”

Memories about the trust that wasn’t

Julio María Sanguinetti’s son, Julio Luis Sanguinetti, who is the current vice president of UTE on behalf of the Colorado Party, charged against the Mayor of Montevideo, Caroline Cosse. The representative fired on Carolina Cosse’s cleanup management. Through his social networks, he held “Thank you Carolina.” Then a photo of two containers, with garbage around the area of ​​Punta Carretas.

“Will he be escrow or ineptitude?” Sanguinetti added in that line, referring to the failed IDB loan for US$70 million. The same sought to dump a higher percentage of funds for cleaning than sanitation, the other destination of the funds, which the opposition insisted on changing the amounts but the desired agreement was not reached. The costs of it.

In the Departmental Board of Montevideo, the vote was carried out in April, by which the Municipality of Montevideo was denied the special majority necessary to approve a loan of 70 million dollars for sanitation and cleaning of the city of the Banco Inter-American Development Bank (IDB).

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