Most young people are not interested in paying

According to the data that was released by the United Nations Population Fund (UNFPA), in an investigation carried out regarding demographic growth in Paraguay, according to the statistics reflect that 57.8% of adolescents and young people between 15 and 29 years are without access to educational training, and without job opportunities. We cannot fail to mention that, as a result of poverty, several children and adolescents go out to work, adding to this problem: the lack of opportunities for education, health and work for young rural women.

Faced with this sad panorama of: unemployment, abuse and labor informality, lack of access to health, among other scourges such as: domestic violence, sexual abuse, economic crisis and political crisis, some fall into alcohol, drugs, and/or other types of vices, injustice, insecurity, etc. The new trend of youth, as a result of all these situations, has changed the focus of its priorities, with the limitations of conditions and resources with a horizon of discomfort.

Young people are the most beaten and abandoned by our rulers, the slim chances in terms of opportunities to survive above the poverty line, mean that today they do not decide to marry, or have children, if they cannot acquire a house, of the impossibility of paying for his studies, the scope of his own desires is a utopia.

In this sense, emancipation is later, young people continue to live with the financial support of their parents. To become emancipated would be to abandon the level of well-being and consumption because they cannot pay for themselves, and those who have a job do not have enough to: work, study, eat, have medical insurance, among other basic expenses.

The discontent of the youth is reflected in the polls, the majority of young people are disappointed by the excesses of corruption, by the abuses committed by certain authorities, with a government scheme exceeded by irregularities, by the very structure that corrupts politics. Although young people do not run out of hope, with a strength that defines them, most of them are far from politics due to the lack of actions and responses that motivate them.

The young people, fed up with speeches, disappointed, which is shown by their low participation in politics and at the time of voting, ask the “always” candidates not to lie anymore with the sole objective of capturing votes.

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