More than 650,000 people will travel by plane and train during the winter holidays

More than 650,000 people will travel by plane and train during the winter holidays

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More than 650,000 people will travel by plane and train during these winter holidays, according to estimates by the National Ministry of Transport, which will also carry out blood alcohol control and documentation operations on national routes.

From the portfolio that heads alexis warrior Actions will be carried out throughout the country during the winter break period, including the reinforcement of blood alcohol control and documentation operations, and the presentation of free cultural shows, such as the “EnTRENtenerte” program, which takes place from Friday in Rosario , among other measures implemented to promote connectivity and care for all Argentines.

In this regard, Guerrera stated: “We are facing a very good tourist season during these winter holidays, in which we are going to have a huge movement of people in all modes of transport.”

“This is excellent news for those who live from tourism and it is also a call to our control agencies to redouble efforts so that this movement is done safely, without alcohol consumption at the wheel, using the seat belt and complying with the regulations. in all types of vehicles”, he concluded.

With the aim of providing greater connectivity and recovering the railway system as a means of transportation for the winter vacation period Argentine Trains Operationsled by Martín Marinucci, it was reported that more than 55,000 people will travel by train to the five most popular destinations: Mar del Plata (34,903), Rosario (10,384), Pinamar (4,071), Tucumán (3,425) and Córdoba (3,423). .

Since Argentinian airlinesit was anticipated that 600,000 people will be transported during the winter break with 978 weekly frequencies.

The high occupancy levels of the 3 most chosen destinations stand out: Bariloche (93%), San Martín de los Andes (90%) and Ushuaia (94%), which can be reached by plane from various Argentine provinces, as well as as well as direct flights from the Brazilian city of São Paulo, after the recently announced international reactivations for the winter holidays by the flag carrier.

For the enjoyment of the youngest and the oldest, from Friday to Sunday, July 24 inclusive, Trenes Argentinos Capital Humano renewed the cycle “TRAIN you” at the Rosario Norte station of the Miter Railway line, in the province of Santa Fe.

Reservations are made through the online system and the entertainment proposal, free for all audiences, will feature a varied selection of shows every day at 3:00 p.m., including the participation of Adriana, Tito and Coloso, Clownies Re Fritos, Juanchi and Mellis, Puss in Boots, and Stories and songs by María Elena Walsh.

Likewise, the National Road Safety Agency (ANSV)carries out documentation and breathalyzer checks at the country’s main strategic points.

For long-distance passenger and cargo transportation, the National Commission for Transport Regulation (CNRT)does the same in 45 destinations in the country through the Winter 2022 operation where the agents of the agency will raise awareness about the mandatory use of seat belts on buses, alcohol tests will be carried out on professional drivers, and the minimum rest of 12 hours will be controlled of the drivers.

These tasks will be carried out in conjunction with the ANSV, the CNRT, the Transportation Safety Board (JST) and national, provincial and local agencies and forces. The main places where the operation will be deployed are: Misiones (Puerto Iguazú); Córdoba (Carlos Paz, Capilla del Monte and Mina Calvero); Rio Negro (Bariloche); Neuquén (San Martin de los Andes); Atlantic Coast; Mendoza; jump; and Tucuman.

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