Woman raped by anesthesiologist testifies to police

Woman raped by anesthesiologist testifies to police

The victim of the rape committed by anesthesiologist Giovanni Quintella Bezerra gave a statement this Friday (15) to the police. She was heard by delegate Bárbara Lomba, head of the Police Station for Assistance to Women of São João de Meriti, at the office of the lawyer hired by the victim’s family, so that the woman would not be exposed and her identity revealed.Woman raped by anesthesiologist testifies to police

The husband who accompanied the delivery and then left with the newborn in his arms also spoke to the police. He confirmed that after the woman had the child, the anesthesiologist Giovanni Bezerra asked him to leave the operating room, with the justification that the patient would still have to undergo another procedure. The husband said he even discussed it with the doctor and saw that the woman was still unconscious after having the child.

A second investigation was opened by the police on Friday with the aim of investigating other crimes committed by the doctor who also worked at Hospital da Mãe, in Mesquita, another city in the Baixada Fluminense.


Anesthesiologist Giovanni Quintella Bezerra, 31, was also denounced on Friday (15) by the Public Ministry of Rio de Janeiro (MPRJ), for the crime of rape of a vulnerable person, committed against a woman during childbirth, at the Hospital da Mulher Heloneida. Studart, in Baixada Fluminense.

For prosecutors, the crime against a pregnant woman represents a “violation of the duty inherent to the profession of anesthesiologist”. As a way of preserving and safeguarding the victim’s image, the MPRJ asked for confidentiality in the process and the fixing of compensation in favor of the woman, in an amount not less than 10 minimum wages. “Considering the moral damage caused to her, as a result of the defendant’s conduct”.

The complaint highlights that after recording the crime on a cell phone, the nursing team immediately reported the facts to the head of the hospital, who called the Civil Police. “At the scene, the police carried out the arrest in flagrante delicto and took him to the district”.

According to the prosecutors, Giovanni Quintella Bezerra acted freely and consciously. “With a desire to satisfy his lust, he practiced lewd acts other than carnal intercourse with the victim, a parturient unable to offer resistance due to the anesthetic sedation administered,” the complaint pointed out.

Prosecutors also maintain that the accused “abused the relationship of trust that the victim had with him, since, taking advantage of the condition of an anesthesiologist, he took advantage of the authority/power he exercised over her, by applying substance to her with sedative”.

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