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Moïse’s killers will remain in jail, decides Rio Justice

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The three men who participated in Moïse Kabagambe’s attacks will remain in prison. The decision was taken after a custody hearing, this Thursday (3), which maintained the 30-day temporary arrests of Fábio Pirineus da Silva, the “Belo”, Aleson Cristiano de Oliveira Fonseca, the “Dezenove”, and Brendon Alexander. Luz da Silva, the “Tota”.

Custody hearings make it possible to verify that the arrests were legal, with the warrants regularly issued and without violence against the prisoners. The three were taken to the José Frederico Marques Prison, in Benfica, after a court decision, which accepted the complaint by the Public Ministry (MP) for double qualified homicide.

While the accused were being heard by the Justice, Moïse’s family members were received at the Human Rights Commission of the Legislative Assembly of Rio de Janeiro (Alerj). The commission, together with the Brazilian Bar Association (OAB/RJ), will monitor investigations into the case. The agency also offered psychological support to Moïse’s relatives and discussed safety measures that could be adopted by the Congolese’s relatives.

“The family feels exposed and vulnerable with everything and fears for their future and safety. Therefore, our service here was to prioritize and reinforce the safety of the family, so that regardless of the decision they make to stay in Brazil or not, that decision is based on safety”, said the president of the Commission, deputy Dani Monteiro.

Moïse’s mother, Ivana Lay, spoke with the parliamentarians and thanked them for their attention: “I feel happy to have been received by the Alerj commission and also by the OAB, who listened to my pain. And I thank the press for showing all the true,” said Ivana.

Moïse’s brother, Djodjo Baraka Karagambe, called for justice. “We hope the people who did this to him pay. We want justice.”

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