A lone driver was driving his truck with 300 kilos of cocaine

A lone driver was driving his truck with 300 kilos of cocaine

A truck that was driven by a driver who traveled a long distance alone was detained by agents of the Special Force to Fight Drug Trafficking (Felcn), in the town of Tres Cruces, when it was detected that transported 300 kilos of cocaine hidden in a double compartment known as a macaque. The discovery was recorded in the early hours of yesterday when police officers equipped with static control devices observed the arrival of a white truck with license plate 2206-UCT.

The policemen asked the driver for his documents and he showed nervousness and even answered words with a stutter. This attitude aroused suspicion in the police officers, so they immediately proceeded to carry out a search of the motorized vehicle.

The driver, identified as Leader Rojas Alvarez, witnessed the search and it was possible to detect adulterations and recently removed bolts in the rear central part of the bodywork that are not a natural part of the engine. A space characteristic of the existence of a double bottom called macaque was observed.

After the discovery, the policemen transferred the vehicle and the driver to the Felcn de Santa Cruz to open the investigations.

In the FELCN offices and with the presence of the prosecutor for controlled substances, Diego Toro Flores, a metal plate with a double bottom was found in the rear central part of the bodywork, from which at least seven large jute bags that were covered and contained brick-like packages of high-purity cocaine.

The packages were lined with transparent masking tape.

After practicing the field test, a total of 301 kilos with 700 grams of cocaine crystallized.

Felcn police began investigations, but it is not ruled out that the cocaine was destined for the border country of Brazil.

The driver is silent

When the driver Adalid Rojas Álvarez was summoned yesterday morning to give his statements, opted for silence making use of its constitutional right.

According to the first investigations carried out by anti-narcotics agents, the motorized first was taken to a hidden place in our capital to be reconditioned with a double compartment. The police also have the task of carrying out tasks in order to detect where the cocaine was brought from and where it was refined.

In the place proceeded to introduce the shipment of cocaine in order to transport it to Brazil.

The driver will be presented in the course of today before a precautionary judge and the Prosecutor’s Office will charge him with the crime of trafficking in controlled substances.

New director at Felcn

surprisingly another head of the Special Force to Fight Drug Trafficking in Santa Cruz took over. This is Colonel Saúl James Rojas who was appointed to these functions instead of Colonel Víctor Hugo Medina.

It was also known that the deputy director of the Felcn was also changed by orders of the national direction of the institution.

Two weeks ago members of the Felcn moved to the border town of San Matías to carry out intense controls after the violent murder of two Brazilian citizens riddled with gunshots in a typical settling of scores at the hands of hitmen from drug trafficking mafias.

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