Minsal reports 1,431 new Covid-19 infections and confirms that it continues “important decline” in national positivity

Minsal reports 1,431 new Covid-19 infections and confirms that it continues "important decline" in national positivity

The Ministry of Health reported 1,431 new cases of Covid-19, with a positivity of 2% in the last 24 hours at the national level and the performance of 66,839 PCR tests and antigen tests.

The head of the portfolio, Dr. Enrique Paris, pointed out that “at the national level, the new confirmed cases of the last 7 days vary by -12% and the new cases of the last 14 days vary by -33% with respect to the Previous 14 days “.

According to the information provided by the Minsal, the positivity in the Metropolitan Region is 1% and 10 regions have a positivity less than or equal to 2%, while 12 regions decrease their cases in the last seven days and 14 do so in the last two weeks.

“We continue to see a significant drop in positivity at the national level. If the previous Saturday, that is, 7 days ago, it was reported 2.5% and today this indicator corresponds to 2%. Along with this, we are still under the 9,000 active cases as in the last four days. These figures show that we are in a better epidemiological moment 24 hours before the elections that will define the new President of the country, “explained the Secretary of State.

Of the 1,431 new cases, 17% are diagnosed by antigen test, 30% originate by Active Case Search (BAC) and 30% of those notified are asymptomatic. Meanwhile, the Metropolitan Region presents 18% by antigen, 26% by BAC and 29% of the reported cases are asymptomatic.

According to sampling, the regions with the highest positivity are Los Lagos, Aysén, Los Ríos and Biobío. Meanwhile, the Los Lagos region registers the highest incidence rate in the country per 100,000 inhabitants, followed by the Aysén, Los Ríos and Biobío regions.

Regarding testing, a fundamental tool for the timely detection of SARS-CoV-2, the head of the portfolio pointed out that “today, Saturday, mobile phones and preventive testing points are deployed in different regions of the country under the TTA strategy. I invite you to check their location and hours on the social networks of the Health Seremis ».

“We know how important it is today to complete the vaccination schedule and receive the booster dose. On this day, the Metropolitan region has more than 50 vaccinations available so that those who for various reasons cannot attend from Monday to Friday. It is important that those who have not received their booster dose do so as soon as possible, even more so considering the presence of the Omicron variant in our country. The information on vaccinations available today is published on the website of the Ministry of Health “, complemented Minister Paris on the vaccination campaign against COVID-19 in Chile.

According to today’s report, of the total new cases of Covid-19, 925 correspond to symptomatic people and 390 do not present symptoms. In addition, 116 Positive PCR tests were recorded that were not reported.

The total number of people who have been diagnosed with the virus in the country reaches 1,790,524. Of this total, 8,323 patients are in the active stage. The recovered cases are 1,738,121.

Regarding deaths, according to the information provided by the DEIS, in the last 24 hours there were 28 deaths due to causes associated with the disease caused by coronavirus. The total number of deaths is 38,840 in the country.

To date, 632 people are hospitalized in Intensive Care Units, of which 527 are on mechanical ventilation support. Regarding the Integrated Health Network, there is a total of 217 critical beds available for the patient who requires it, regardless of the region where they are.

Regarding the Laboratory Network and diagnostic capacity, the results of 66,839 PCR tests and antigen tests were reported, reaching a total of 26,696,229 analyzed nationwide to date. The positivity for the last 24 hours at the country level is 2% and in the Metropolitan Region it is 1%.

With regard to the Health Residences, we have 48 lodging facilities, with 4,661 total beds. The real occupation nationwide is 46%, leaving a total of 2,055 beds available to be used.



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