Ministry of Labor and hoteliers announce "Great job fair" in the Eastern region

Ministry of Labor and hoteliers announce “Great job fair” in the Eastern region

The authorities of Ministry of Labor and the executives of the hotel sector of the Eastern region of the Dominican Republic will perform agreat job fair” in the provinces The Altagracia, San Pedro de MacorisHato Mayor, El Seibo and The Roman.

The objective of these activities is to obtain collaborators to fill more than five thousand vacancies that are available in this area.

“With more than 1,000 vacancies, we will start a great job fair for the tourism sector, in Higüey, The RomanEl Seibo, Hato Mayor and San Pedro de Macoris”, indicates the official publication of the Ministry of Labor.

In Higüey, the fair will be held between February 3 and 4 of this year in the UASD-Higüey center starting at 9:00 am and will last until 2:00 pm The services will be totally free and attendees must wear a mandatory mask and present a vaccination card.

In San Pedro de MacorisHato Mayor, El Seibo and The Roman the fair will be on February 10 and 11.

Among the vacancies are: in the entertainment area they need entertainers, kids club entertainer, entertainment supervisors, towel racks, pool concierge, DJ, instructors; In public areas there are supervisor and cleaning officer vacancies.

Also, for the wine shop they need a cashier and for the golf course they need a cleaning officer. Likewise, in quality they need a hygiene auditor; in reception they need receptionists, room controller, telephone concierge, butler, buttons.

Also, hydrotherapy valet, massage therapist, hairdressers, salon technician, check-in assistant, receiving stockist.

In the maintenance area, hoteliers need electromechanical technician HRHOC, room operator and AP SPA HRPH/MP, general operator (exterior common areas), End upoperator of express service room rooms, carpenters in HRHPC rooms and in HRHPC areas, room plumbers, treatment plant operator, engine room operator, area sheercker, electrician on duty, cabinetmakers, painters and mason helpers.

In the security area, the vacancies are: lifeguards, badge programmer, HRHPC camera operator, HRAHPC camera technician, security agent, locksmiths and in transportation they need a HRHPC driver and golf cart operator.

In public relations they need a HR concierge. P.P. and HR assistant P.P.

There are also positions available for laundry attendant, supervisor maid, chambermaid, cleaning officer, hall attendants. In the area of ​​rock family 1 they need a kitchen helper and steward rock family; in clothing there is availability for a sewing assistant and upholsterer; In room service, the vacancies are room service capital, room service waiter, screen controller, binibare dispensers and room service operator.

With villas rock condominiums, availability is for cleaning officer, VR security agent, cook and steward.

The requirements must be: experiences in the hotel and tourism area, and immediate availability.

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