Former deputy commander of the PNP: "colonels who rose to general passed through the Government Palace"

Former deputy commander of the PNP: “colonels who rose to general passed through the Government Palace”

The former Deputy Commander General of the (PNP) Javier Bueno Victoriano denounced that several colonels who previously passed through .

This was expressed during his presentation before the Defense Commission of the Congress of the Republic, last Friday, January 28, where he explained the interference in promotions by Bruno Pacheco, former secretary of the Government Palace.

“No chief of the Navy, the Army and the FAP has met President Castillo so many times in the Government Palace as the Commander General of the PNP, Javier Gallardo”, Held.

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Regarding the requirements for promotions, Bueno Victoriano stated that the changes in the process were made without any technical support, giving the personal interview -which lasts five minutes- a weight of 50% in the total rating.

After that, congressmen from various groups demanded an exhaustive investigation regarding the alleged irregularities that arose in the last process of promotions to general in the PNPin order to punish those found responsible.

In this regard, the chairman of the working group, José Williams Zapata (Avanza País), considered that it is important to review the directive of the PNP promotion process because it would have been changed without any technical support.

“We are going to review that directive of the promotion process that has to do with the 50 points that are awarded as a score for the interviews. This is strange because promotions are given based on a series of neutral concepts. That directive is not working well.”, He said.

For his part, Jorge Montoya Manrique (Popular Renovation) stated that it is necessary for the Defense Commission constitute a ad hoc working group for the elaboration of a new law of promotions of the PNP with character of permanent.

Meanwhile, parliamentarian Alfredo Azurín Loayza (Somos Perú) considered that the powers of an investigative commission should be requested from the Plenary of Congress, in order to investigate the alleged irregularities in the last promotion process in the PNP.

“What is happening in the PNP is an open secret, with all this a pernicious and dirty system is created that harms the institution. None of those who visited the Palace should be holding their positions now. We have to identify these people so that the full weight of the law falls on them”, sentenced.


Avelino Guillén, today resigned from the position of Minister of the Interior, after waiting for weeks for President Pedro Castillo to endorse his list of changes in the National Police. We spoke with former Interior Minister Rubén Vargas.

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