Ministry of Health would reevaluate the use of face masks in closed spaces

Ministry of Health would reevaluate the use of face masks in closed spaces

The figures of contagion and deaths from covid-19 continue to decline in the country. The latest report from the Ministry of Health, dated April 21, records 282 recovered people, 274 new cases and 4 deaths.

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Now the Minister of Health, Fernando Ruizclarified that this does not imply that the pandemic is over in the country, but rather the evolution of a viral dynamic that for the moment projects more contagious but less deadly variables.

One of the reasons why the indicators have decreased contemplates the National Vaccination Plan against covid-19, which has covered almost seven out of ten Colombians with their complete scheme, that is, 35,189,703 people.

Consequently, the Minister of Health assured that they are working to integrate the daily covid-19 reports to the regular vaccination program. “We have to make progress in improving processes. It is important to implement what was proposed: that as of May the daily counts of vaccines, infections and deaths begin to be consolidated on a weekly basis, “said Ruiz.

The head of portfolio said that due to the epidemiological moment in the country, he stopped make sense of the daily count. “This does not mean that we should not maintain rigor in collecting the figures. It is a moment in which we enter to collect what has been done, to project a regularized vaccination program and what remains is to consolidate the financial process of those vaccinated, ”he concluded.

Regarding the use of the mask, Ruíz assured that the mask was here to stay, because it is an element that protects from covid-19 and other communicable diseases.

The mask is not only for protection against covid-19, it is for another set of diseases as well. So, at this time, we believe that until we achieve sustained epidemiological behavior, we should maintain the use of the mask.“, he claimed.

Now, he clarified that although the measure is maintained“in the coming weeks we will evaluate it with the advisory committee, according to the scientific evidence and the behavior of the pandemic in the country.”

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Regarding being close to an endemic, he clarified that at least 42 days of stability of low numbers must be registered, to begin to say that we are approaching a most endemic behavior of the pandemic.


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