President Boric announces reorganization of Carabineros to “leave the offices and work in the field” as well as to “reduce response times”

President Boric announces reorganization of Carabineros to "leave the offices and work in the field" as well as to "reduce response times"

As part of his presidential tour of the Coquimbo region, the president Gabriel Boric informed that it will be reorganized to Carabinieri to reduce response times to calls for crimes and also to have a greater police presence on the streets. In this regard, the head of state explained that there will be “more than 700 carabineros that we are going to relocate for that purpose, leaving the offices and going to work directly on the ground.”

“What is it that we are doing and working with the Ministry of the Interior? This will be announced by the minister Siches over the next few days in conjunction with the Undersecretary for Crime Prevention, Eduardo Vergara. A reorganization of the Carabineros, to assign more police officers to the territories, to the streets where they are most needed,” the president commented in conversation with Radio Guayacan.

In addition to this, he emphasized that there will be more than 700 troops that are going to relocate with the aim that they go mostly to the field, there the Coquimbo region will undoubtedly also be one of the priorities in that “.

“What does this translate to? in reducing the response times of the Carabineros in response to calls in response to a crime. The other day they told me that in a rural commune there was a call and from the Carabineros central they had told them that they could not go because the vehicles did not have gasoline. That response is unacceptable,” President Boric said.

In this sense, he pointed out that “the State cannot allow the Carabineros vehicles to be inoperable because they do not have gasoline or because they have not been repaired. More than 30% of the vehicles of the entire institution are today unusable because they do not have maintenance”.

So “we are going to put resources into it,” he said. “It is something that we have talked about with the finance minister and people are going to start seeing more carabineros in the streets, parallel to the police reform, which is something that we are also working together with the institution”, concluded the president.

In relation to the structural reform of the Carabineros, Boric clarified that “we have to advance at two speeds, one is the police reform, which is structural, which has to do with training, which has to do with the different careers that exist within the Carabineros. ”, he commented.

Which “has to do with the opacity not only in Carabineros but also in the Armed Forces that has allowed a few – and I want to be very emphatic on this – to carry out corruption actions that end up tarnishing the institution,” said the president.

“The policemen that I have had to meet throughout Chile, in the most remote places, are hardworking people, honest people who want the best for Chile,” Boric said.

In this way, “when there is a corrupt guy who ends up taking money for the house or embezzling, he dirty the entire institution. These reforms are big and long-term, and we are going to be promoting them”, he asserted.

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