Six people remain hospitalized after attack in Aracruz

Minister of Citizenship accompanies aid to flood victims in SC

The Minister of Citizenship, Ronaldo Bento, fulfilled his agenda today (7) in Florianópolis, where he monitored the emergency situation caused by the rains that hit the state in recent days. Minister of Citizenship accompanies aid to flood victims in SC

During the meeting with state representatives, the minister heard reports about the work being done and offered support from the federal government.

According to the folder, an ordinance published today suspended for another 150 days the obligation to present the conditions required by law for the release of federal resources to assist the affected families.

“The ordinance streamlines the process of releasing funds at this time of emergency. We cannot leave people helpless. We are here to ensure that Santa Catarina will not lack any kind of help. We have a very good interface with state social assistance. We came once again to ratify this support from the federal government”, said the minister.

According to the Civil Defense, around 50,000 people were affected by the rains and 30 municipalities declared an emergency situation.

* With information from the Ministry of Citizenship

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