Colpensiones is the State entity that has been sued the most in 2022

Colpensiones is the State entity that has been sued the most in 2022

The National Agency for Legal Defense of the State (ANDJE) reported that so far in 2022, until September 30, there were more than 326,025 legal proceedingss against state entities. Their claims totaled 494 billion pesos.

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Added to this are another 35 arbitration processes (for 3.5 billion pesos), 12 international controversies (for 11.1 billion pesos) and another 1,937 inter-administrative files (for 6.1 billion pesos).

There’s also 866 processes who are studying in the Inter-American Human Rights System, of which, during this year, 64,100 new cases were admitted by the courts for review. demands.

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In addition, since 2018, according to the ANDJEthe State has saved more 69.9 trillion pesos by judicial decisions in his favor.

The entity with the most demands in the year is Colpensiones, having 30% of the total: 98,238 cases. They are followed by the Teachers’ Social Benefits Fund (15.3%) and the Executive Directorate of Judicial Administration (8.1%).

Other entities with demands are the Ministry of Defense (7.4%), the National Police (6.5%), and the UGPP and the General Prosecutor’s Office (6.2%).

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Regarding the claims that are requested from the entities, The one that is demanding the most money is from the Police, with a total of 143.4 billion pesos. They are followed by the Ministry of Defense ($78.8 billion), the Ministry of Mines ($75.2 billion), the Ministry of the Environment ($56.9 billion) and the Ministry of Transportation ($56.7 billion), among others.

And among the reasons for the lawsuits are labor issues, unjust deprivation of libertybreach of layoffs and work accidents.

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One thing to note is that, according to Martha Lucía Zamora, director of the ANDJEAfter the signing of the peace agreement with the extinct FARC guerrilla, there was a 90.6% reduction in the demands against the Nation for the armed conflict.


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