Minister Novillo says that he will clarify the accusations of the 'black plan' within his party

Minister Novillo says that he will clarify the accusations of the ‘black plan’ within his party

October 24, 2022, 17:47 PM

October 24, 2022, 17:47 PM

The accusations launched by former President Evo Morales against the Minister of Defense, Edmundo Novillo, about what he himself called the “black plan”, will be clarified internally, Defense Minister Edmundo Novillo said, accused of being the “head” of that movement.

“These are issues that we have considered in the national government that we are going to deal with internally, in that internal instance we are going to make the corresponding clarificationsConsequently, personally, I want to tell you that I am totally dedicated to working on the management of our brother Luis Arce Catacora”, said Minister Novillo when asked about these conflicts between the Government and the MAS.

Evo Morales denounced at the beginning of September the existence of a supposed “black plan” to discredit the entire Cochabamba leadership of the coca growers, especially him, Senators Andrónico Rodríguez and Leonardo Loza, in addition to the deputies, Gualberto Arispe and Héctor Arce. At that time he only referred to them as the victims and did not identify any person in particular.

A week later, on his Sunday program, he directly accused the Minister of Defense of be “the head” of that conspiracywhich caused the resurgence of the differences between the two blocks of the MAS, the renovators and the evistas.

This Monday, after the payment ceremony for the ‘Juancito Pinto’ bonus, the minister briefly referred to these problems and admitted the existence of “divergences”, and like all the leaders, he said that this does not mean that there is a partisan division.

“The MAS is one of the largest political forces and has carried out the greatest transformations for the country, in that understanding, there are divergences as appropriate, there are also perhaps some misunderstandingsbut they are internal issues,” he told reporters.

This Monday afternoon Evo Morales and President Luis Arce They meet in the city of Cochabamba to address the internal political issue, precisely. Although in the last meeting the leaders and Morles himself admitted that these frictions were left in the middle, because the strike conflict in Santa Cruz is considered a priority and therefore, the dismissal of ministers was a relegated issue.

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