Minister Camila Vallejo and the Fisheries Law: “We are convinced that it should be annulled”

The government spokesperson, Camila Vallejo, defended the extreme urgency that the Executive gave to the project that seeks to annul the Fisheries Law. This measure has been questioned by some sectors of the opposition after considering that there is an “electoral intention” on the part of the Government in the entry of the emergency.

Given the various questions, the Secretary of State emphasized that the Government is complying with its program, emphasizing that the annulment of the law “has an origin in the face of an act of corruption known to all, where unfortunately the power of money cost part of the work of politics”.

He also stated that “there was a time when the parliamentarians who started this process wanted to act, but we did not have echoes and support in the governments of that time.”

“But now that we are the Government, we give it our support, because we are convinced that this law must be annulled,” he said. “Obviously we have to have a new regulation, the annulment of the Fisheries Law seems to us to be completely legitimate, ethical and necessary,” he added.

It should be noted that last Monday, the Government of President Gabriel Boric granted utmost urgency to the bill that declares the nullity of the Fisheries Law. The measure was approved by the Chamber of Deputies and Deputies by 117 votes in favor and none against, and is now in the second legislative process in the Senate.

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