Blockades in Ecopetrol fields prevented the passage of a medical mission in Santander

Blockades in Ecopetrol fields prevented the passage of a medical mission in Santander

Protests by the community continue in the Lisama Production Field and Casabe Field, where they demand greater job opportunities. In these demonstrations, They have kept the roads of the two oil fields in Magdalena Medio blocked for 3 months.

In the last few hours, the people who are carrying out these blockades, they did not allow the entry of a Red Cross ambulance to the facilities.

According to Ecopetrol, this group of people would be putting pressure for a private ambulance to join, as a demand to lift the blockade on the operations of the Lisama Production Field.

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“Ecopetrol emphatically rejects the pressure from a group of members of the community of La Lizama on the Colombian Red Cross, Santander branch, to link an ambulance owned by an individual to its service provision contract,” states the State Oil Company in a statement.

Nevertheless, they were emphatic that the hiring of this ambulance is not part of the initial structuring of the contract, since if this requirement is met, the Red Cross would have to take out of operation one of the ambulances that is already authorized by the Santander Health Secretariat.

It should be noted that this condition cannot be accessed either. since there is a contract in execution since 2019.

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“The contract executed by the Red Cross began in 2019 after meeting suitability requirements and the service has been developed satisfactorily,” the document cites.

For its part, the Red Cross pointed out that they recognize the individual and collective aspirations of the inhabitants of La Lizama who insist on this request. “We invite the community not to use the de facto routes and this demand as condition to unblock Ecopetrol’s operations in this region”.

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