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PF arrests two men suspected of being part of the Italian mafia

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PF arrests two men suspected of being part of the Italian mafia

The Federal Police (PF) arrested today (24), on a preventive basis, two men suspected of being part of an Italian criminal organization with ramifications in several countries, including Brazil.

According to the PF, the investigated group hid large amounts of cocaine amid cargo sent from Brazil to Europe, on ships. One of the devices used by the group was to hide the drug amid marble and granite floors.

The investigation, which resulted in Operation La Spezia, started this morning, began after the Italian customs authorities seized, on December 28, 2020, 338 kilos of cocaine hidden next to the cargo shipped in Espírito Santo, bound for the port of La Spezia. .

At the time, the Italian authorities arrested four people suspected of being involved in international drug trafficking. Among those arrested were a Brazilian, two Albanians and an Italian.

With the first arrests, Brazil and Italy began to exchange information about the group in order to try to identify other people involved in the criminal scheme. Thus, the PF reached the main target of today’s action, an Italian detained in Goiânia and who, according to investigations, is a member of Ndrangeta, a mafia organization that controls a significant part of the cocaine trafficking destined for Europe.

The other preventive arrest warrant was served in Santa Catarina – the PF did not say in which city. The man arrested is Brazilian and his identity has not been released. Five search and seizure warrants were also served in Espírito Santo (3), Goiás (1) and Santa Catarina (1).

Those investigated may be held accountable for the crime of criminal organization, international drug trafficking and, eventually, money laundering. If convicted, the penalties applied can exceed 30 years.

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