Mining wastes more than US$1.5 million per month with low-efficiency motors

Mining wastes more than US$1.5 million per month with low-efficiency motors

Standard or low energy efficiency motors generate a high electrical consumption in the . It is estimated that on average a Peruvian mining company would pay more than US$1.5 million per month for the energy wasted by this equipment, according to ABB.

The economic losses when choosing a motor can amount to up to 100 times its purchase price, both due to energy wastage throughout its useful life due to its low efficiency, as well as due to its lower robustness, which can cause unexpected stops. in the production

According to Abraham Villanueva, energy efficiency specialist for ABB’s Motion business in Peru, if the equipment cost US$1,000, the average losses per stoppage would be up to US$100,000 per day.

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Villanueva indicates that the low-energy-efficiency electric motor not only generates high energy consumption, but can suffer mechanical damage and cause problems in production (recurring vibrations, high voltage spikes and damage to insulation) to the point of suspending production due to hours, even weeks.

On the other hand, incremental savings can be achieved with the digitization of motors, considering that 95% of them in mining in our country do not have intelligent measurement sensors, according to the specialist.

Currently, the monitoring of many motors is still carried out in person with company personnel who must travel up to kilometers to approach the motors of a pumping machine or a conveyor belt, which can be done remotely.


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