MINERD muestra avances en educación inclusiva

MINERD shows progress in inclusive education

The Ministry of Education today presented the advances of the present educational management in the matter of inclusive education for all in the Dominican Republic, in an emotional act with the participation of organizations that serve people with Autism Spectrum Syndrome and other special abilities.

Speaking, the Minister of Education Roberto Fulcar He praised inclusion and equity as the first pillar of the Education for Better Living model, which is promoted in the country’s pre-university education.

“It is not just an educational opportunity for people with disabilities, it is more than that, it is the right of all people to quality inclusive education,” stressed the Minister of Education.

Roberto Fulcar highlighted the educational, social, human and moral value of governments and societies making an effort to implement effective inclusion policies.

“The Inclusion route that arises from Ordinance 04-2018 that regulates the services and strategies for students with specific educational support needs according to the established curriculum – is a great tool to detect barriers, promote participation, permanence and The learning”Fulcar pointed out.

He said that each region and district must guarantee that the educational centers, together with their management team, implement the identification processes to respond to children, adolescents and young people with disabilities at the different levels and modalities of the educational system, fostering an environment of equality and equity that includes everyone.

While the general director of special education Minerd, Lucía Vásquez, said she was satisfied with the work carried out during this management time and those that they hope to deliver to the country during this year and until 2024.

He pointed out that, by 2022, 10 specific classrooms will be delivered for educational inclusion distributed in 8 municipalities in the country.

Also in an interval of this year, by 2024, 7 special education centers will be delivered in the same number of provinces, significantly expanding the coverage we have and in addition to these achievements, the first “Working School of Comprehensive Education for Youth with Autism”, which will be a pilot to replicate in other territories of the national geography.

The event included a keynote conference via Zoom on “The right to inclusive education also for children and young people with autism” by Dr. Nuria Illán Romeu, UNICEF advisor.

The artistic closure was in charge of Ángel Ramírez, representative of the “Yo Also I Can” foundation, interpreting a song Color Esperanza”.

In addition, general, district, regional and educational center directors attended. Representatives of Government InstitutionsCONADIS, SUIBEN CAID, GET OVER, UNICEF.

Representatives of non-profit foundations, Dominican Autism Foundation, United Hands for Autism, I Can Also, Love Me As I Am, TEAceptamos, Autism Without Borders, Ladies in Black and Fundación Álvarez, Young students with autism, fathers and mothers with disabilities .

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