Alberto Fujimori: lawyer claims before the court of Ica that he abide by the ruling of the Constitutional Court

Alberto Fujimori: lawyer claims before the court of Ica that he abide by the ruling of the Constitutional Court

the lawyer of Elio Riera, assured that he sent a document to the court in Ica that must process the resolution of the Constitutional Court (TC) in favor of the humanitarian pardon, considering that the order of the Inter-American Court of Human Rights should not be followed ( Inter-American Court) to postpone the release of the former president.

“The regular procedure is that (the ruling of the TC) has to be executed. The TC has to confirm the sending of the file, it has to be sent to the Ica room, the room must send it to the Ica court, which must make a pronouncement according to law”he detailed to TV Peru.

According to Riera, the Peruvian State should not comply with the order of the Inter-American Court issued on March 30, which stipulates that Alberto Fujimori’s release not be carried out until a decision is made on the provisional measures requested by the relatives of the victims. victims of the Barrios Altos and La Cantuta cases.

Statements by Alberto Fujimori’s lawyer

“We believe that weight should be given to the constitutional norm. Today it will be discussed in a hearing and we will have to wait for what the court says, but until yesterday we had a statement and a resolution issued without a hearing. That cannot have more value than a sentence from the TC itself”he stated.

The legal representative of Alberto Fujimori ruled out that they will participate in today’s hearing, as the victims and the Peruvian State will.

“No (we will participate). Efforts have been made, this issue is definitely being worked on, Dr. Nakazaki presented solid documentation addressed to the Court, but we understand that due to jurisprudence they do not usually give the floor”he asserted.


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