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MinAguas will develop videoconferences with hydrological offices of the country every Monday

Videoconferencias con las 17 Hidrológicas del país desarrollará MinAguas cada lunes

The 17 hydrological offices attached to the Ministry of Popular Power for Water Attention (MinAguas), They will participate every Monday in a weekly videoconference at the end of the Head of State’s program, With Maduro +, to review the National Water Plan and the progress of 1×10 System of Good Government.

“Every Monday we are going to have this videoconference, to develop it immediately after the program With Maduro +we will review the agenda, the purification of water, the recovery plan for the gas-chlorine cylinders in which we work, the well-being of the personnel to work in the national water plan”, reported the Sectoral Vice President and Minister of the Water Office , Rodolfo Marco Torres, through audiovisual material published on his social media account.

Likewise, the hydrological companies will promote and develop the actions of the recently created management of water sources in each of the operators, to strengthen the supply of the vital liquid to Venezuelans.

“Start with the recently created management of water sources; I applaud the management of sources of each one of the hydrological companies that have a great responsibility, the safe extraction to follow up and move forward, ”said the minister, through video on the account @minaguasoficial.

During the videoconference held with the presidents, directors and directors of the hydrological companies and the ministerial office, Torres explained that the purpose of these activities is to review, check the progress of the 1×10, the National Water Plan, verify the consultation on the Patria system , drinking water and sewage, to provide an efficient and permanent response to the Venezuelan people.



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