Mexico lacks more than 440,000 million pesos to give "education for all"

Mexico lacks more than 440,000 million pesos to give "education for all"

CIEP estimates count 8.8 million people between zero and 17 years old who are not enrolled in the educational levels that correspond to them according to their age, which would require 188,442 million pesos (0.7% of GDP) to integrate them and 6.8 million of people who are in the typical age to study the higher level, that if they were enrolled in any public education institution, they would need an additional 252,313 million pesos (0.9% of GDP) to be able to include them.

In turn, the National Institute of Statistics and Geography reported that 5.2 million students who left the classrooms last school year. Of these, 26.6% did so because their families considered that distance classes are not very functional for learning; 25.3% due to the fact that one of their parents or guardians was left without work and 21.9% reported not registering because they did not have a computer or some other electronic device or have an internet connection.

Therefore, Pérez Pacheco highlights that by 2022 it is expected to allocate 1.9% more resources than was budgeted last year, which is insufficient to provide adequate health infrastructure for safe return to classes, integrate the students who joined with the 2019 reform and offer quality education, as established by the legislation of three years ago.

“More budget will be approved, but perhaps it will not go to the sectors where it is required. The call is to give these resources of 440,000 which would be solely to guarantee the right to education; however, there are still many challenges in the sector that are not being addressed ”, he comments in an interview.

For the specialist, Mexico is still far from complying with the federal Executive’s proposal to provide quality education for all, because although it is in the law, it has not translated into more resources and support to integrate those who are not in the classrooms .

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