Investigate explosion in radar recently installed in Montecristi

Investigate explosion in radar recently installed in Montecristi

This device was placed in the area to control illegal flights linked to drug trafficking. Preliminary versions speak of a gear pump failure.

In the early hours of this November 7, 2021, a loud noise alerted the residents near the hill from Montecristi, where on October 27 a radar was installed to control illegal flights related to drug trafficking.

According to preliminary information, an alleged failure in the gear pump from that radar, which would have been the cause of the explosion, which would have occurred around 03:30.

Pablo Ramírez, commander of zone 4 of the National Police, He told the news portal Inform Manabí that apparently it was a failure in the gear pump near the radar, and that is why Criminalistics and Intervention and Rescue Group personnel were mobilized to the area.

For his part, Minister from Defending, Luis Hernández, pointed out in an interview with radio i99 that there is damage to the radar. However, so far there is no official version of that State portfolio or of the Forces Armed.

However, the version that is gaining strength the most is that it would have been a dynamite attack on that infrastructure.

The installation of that device was achieved after lThe authorities have had to deal with the opposition of residents of the area, and even the rejection of political leaders such as the former presidential candidate, Yaku Pérez, among others.. At the time, alleged environmental damage to the Montecristi hill was argued. (JS)

FACT.- The radar has a range of around 220 miles around.

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