Mexico faces 3 risks in order to achieve an economic recovery

Mexico faces 3 risks in order to achieve an economic recovery

An important point is how long the interruption of global supply chains takes, since Mexico is an economy with a strong manufacturing industry and its exports are mostly related to the automotive industry, which has been one of the most affected, he explained. the economist.

“The risk is that these chains will be broken for longer,” he said.

Another risk at the global level is the omicron variants that may be presented for next fall, and that would lead to more investments in health and more setbacks in terms of reopening the economy, Krause warned.

There is also the inflation that has been higher than expected, however the economist considers that there could still be an increase in household consumption due to remittances from the United States.

The specialist ruled out a strong volatility in the exchange rate, due to the measures that the Bank of Mexico has taken to control inflation.

He stressed that in the case of Mexico, the growth estimate for the Mexican economy is 2.8% for 2022, although they are preliminary figures.



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