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Masks in closed spaces: how long will they be used in Colombia?

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Masks in closed spaces: how long will they be used in Colombia?

The Minister of Health and Social Protection, Fernando Ruiz, has said that “For an important time we will continue to use face masks in closed spaces.”

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This was ordered by the portfolio manager, indicating that the covid-19 still represents a risk and there are countries with vaccination coverage below 40%.

For now, what ómicron has shown is that the virus has a tendency to transform into a less deadly form than previous strains.

With such a scenario, the minister emphasized that it is not yet time to eliminate the mask, although it is a possibility in the future. “Surely in the coming weeks the Committee will continue to analyze the issue and make a decision,” he said, but clarified that it depends on the uncertainty of the appearance of a new variant in the world.

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In this sense, continuing with vaccination and maintaining non-pharmacological measures continue to be an objective. Precisely about the fact of keeping the face mask, Ruiz Gómez pointed out that “Conversations are being held with the Epidemiological Advisory Committee, where it has been considered that Colombia is behind in what corresponds to the impact of covid-19, in relation to other European countries” that have already overcome the omicron wave, for example, and where decisions on measures have already been taken.

Therefore, Ruiz added that Colombia “It has a peak, which according to studies
of the National Institute of Health (INS), is already declining in terms of cases,
but surely only until the third week of March we will be arriving
at the minimum level.

This scenario raises the question of what the future of the pandemic will be. For
the minister is clear that there is still not enough information, “But the scenario we are building is possibly an endemic situation that does not imply that there are no peaks.”

What is certain is that, after delta and omicron, there has been no warning of a new variant of interest. “The key thing is that there are still countries in Africa and Asia, particularly, that do not have greater than 40% coverage in vaccination, which represents the risk of the appearance of a new strain in these places,” mentioned the portfolio manager.

“I believe that we will still have an important time in which we have to protect ourselves in closed spaces”specified the health minister.


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