Mexico already has the electronic business file

Mexico already has the electronic business file

Secretary Tatiana Clouthier announced that, in the remainder of the year, progress will continue to integrate more institutions for the service of Mexico in a comprehensive manner. “It will allow more companies to open, that it costs less and, above all, that we have the use of technology in favor of the people and not the people at the service of technology,” she assured.

It is an application for governments -federal, state and municipal-, “the beneficiary is the businessman, the merchant; It is the one who is going to do the paperwork because they do not have to go to do their paperwork, carrying large folders or volumes of information that are already in the possession of various government databases,” said Benjamín Reyes, general director of commercial regulations of the SE , during the presentation of the EEA.

“This tool also helps government entities to resolve procedures with databases of the same government, with a reliable source. This application was developed at the Ministry of Economy, with the support of the IDB (Inter-American Development Bank)”, he added.

“The information and electronic documents, generated by the authority and by the interested parties, managed by the Electronic Business File will enjoy functional equivalence for all legal purposes in relation to the information and documentation in non-electronic media,” the statement read. of Economy.

Reyes explained that the electronic business file has the ability to speak “different languages ​​and translates them”, since the databases of each government entity are in different databases.

The federal government, the statement highlights, through the Ministry of Economy, may enter into agreements with the states and municipalities of the country that wish to join the aforementioned electronic system for opening and operating companies.

Presenting the EEE was Jesús Cantú, head of the SE’s Regulatory, Competitiveness and Competition Unit, Alberto Montoya, National Commissioner for Regulatory Improvement, Gloria Lugo, IDB’s Head of Operations in Mexico, and Carlos Hurtado, General Director of the Center of economic studies of the private sector of the Business Coordinating Council. (CEC).

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