Metropolitan Council did not create a commission to investigate Santiago Guarderas

Metropolitan Council did not create a commission to investigate Santiago Guarderas

In the Metropolitan Council, the complaints against the Mayor of Quito were discussed, but due to lack of a quorum, a commission was not formed to investigate his alleged participation in tax havens.

This February 15, 2022 was added to the agenda of the Metropolitan Council, the motion of mayor Fernando Morales to include an exhortation of the Council so that the institutions give speed to the complaints that weigh on the mayor of Quito, Santiago Guarderas.

Alejandro Rodas Coloma, a constitutional lawyer, has pointed out that the Mayor of Quito, Santiago Guarderas, he breaks the law for having run as a candidate despite, according to Rodas Coloma, having links in tax havens. The constitutionalist filed two complaints, on February 2 and 9, against Guarderas in the Prosecutor’s Office and in the Comptroller’s Office.

“The Prosecutor’s Office has to do its job, the Comptroller’s Office has to do its job immediately. And the role of Metropolitan Council it is to request that immediacy,” said Morales, while Luis Reina, a councilman, added that the Comptroller’s Office agreed to carry out a special examination in this regard.

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Although Morales’ motion had the support of the 21 mayors, when the motion was going to be dealt with, there was no quorum. with what failed to discuss the creation of a commission to investigate the alleged involvement of Guarderas with tax havens.

Guarderas who, until this February 15, had not referred to the accusations said that there are “political interests” in tarnishing his name. “I’m a lawyer. And a good lawyer and I know how to obey the law. Therefore I know what my duties and obligations were, “said the Mayor and stressed that he will wait for the processes to take place in the competent institutions. (AVV)

Councilors present at the time of closure due to lack of quorum:
– Paulina Izurieta
– Brith Cow
– Luz Elena Coloma
– Juan Manuel Carrion
– Gisela Chala
– René Bedon
– Bernard Abad
– Marco Collaguazo
– Juan Carlos Fiallos
– Fernando Morales
– Santiago Guarderas

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