Miembro del CC del PLD llama a fortalecer la unidad y evitar ingobernabilidad

Member of the CC of the PLD calls to strengthen unity and avoid ungovernability

Approaching the first two years of government of the president’s administration Luis Abinader and the PRM, which presents mistakes and economic and social hopelessness that threaten the stability and security of the nation’s democratic governance; the political parties and institutional sectors have to prepare ourselves to assume the national patriotic unity, to avoid foreign groups, acting from the country and foreign interference with the purpose of fishing in a troubled river, a kind of a setback of “take off you to put on I”.

We reiterate to Dominican Liberation Party (PLD) and to its political leadership, to adopt as a strategy, to strengthen internal unity and national patriotic unity to shield the country with democracy and prevent it from social backwardness that does so much damage to the people and their poverty and to society and its tranquility.

Let us avoid that the terrible inflation, violence or socio-individual delinquency, drug trafficking, micro-drugs, and unemployment, become a trigger that alters or overthrows Dominican democratic governance.

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The deep social and economic crisis that the world is experiencing, as consequences of the pandemic and the Russia-Ukraine-West war, are going to seriously affect the fragile democracies of third world countries and our country will not be the exception, as Professor Juan said. Bosch “without unity there is no victory”.

The Boschist Force calls for strengthening the unity of the political parties with the people, to prevent hunger, misery and social insecurity from affecting governability and family and social peace.

Our pre-candidates for the presidency of the Republic Francisco Domínguez Brito, Karen Ricardo, Margarita Cedeño, Abel Martínez, Maritza Hernández and a server promote unity and social peace at the national level.

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