MEF prepares proposal to provide continuity to paralyzed works that have greater progress

MEF prepares proposal to provide continuity to paralyzed works that have greater progress

The , commented this Sunday that his sector is working on a bill to provide continuity to the paralyzed works, which will be presented within a week.

We have more than 1,700 works paralyzed for a value of more than S/ 12,000 million. From the MEF we are working on a proposal to give continuity to these paralyzed works, prioritizing the works that have the greatest progress”, he said on TV Peru.

Along these lines, Graham argued that “some works will have to be discarded because they have been paralyzed for more than 10 years and it is necessary to see the evaluation of the pertinence of their continuity”, he stated.

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He indicated that first a record of all the works that are paralyzed will be identified and prepared. “For example, those works that have been paralyzed for more than six months and are 50% complete, that is a first criterion”, he referred.

He added that they will also determine what are the mechanisms to solve the problems for which the works have been paralyzed.


Regarding concessions and tolls, the head of the MEF pointed out that since they are contracts between parties, they have to be careful in legal terms because later there are lawsuits in international forums that end up costing much more.

In this sense, the minister explained that a review of the contractual conditions must be carried out, but obviously with an agreement between the parties. “And see what are the conditions that can be improved within those contracts, but in strict respect of the rule of law”, he added.

At another point, he mentioned that a couple of weeks ago, within the framework of delegation of powers, they presented alternatives to improve PPPs (Public-Private Associations) in order to make them more efficient in their execution.


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