ARA San Juan: the hearing for the possible prosecution of Macri was moved to April 26

ARA San Juan: the hearing for the possible prosecution of Macri was moved to April 26

The relatives of the victims of the sinking of the ARA San Juan demand “justice”. (Photo Diego Left)

The investigation for alleged illegal espionage on relatives of the 44 who died in the sinking of the ARA San Juan submarine enters the definition stage in the Federal Chamber of Buenos Aires, although the hearing for the prosecution of former President Mauricio Macri was postponed for Tuesday, April 26.

Chamber I of the Court of Appeals must analyze resources presented against the prosecution of Macri and also other proposals, among them the challenge raised by the majority complaint against the judge in the case, Julián Ercolinijudicial sources reported.

For this, on Monday there will be a hearing through the virtual platform Zoom in which the cameramen Leopoldo Bruglia, Mariano Llorens and Pablo Bertuzzi will listen to the arguments of the plaintiff lawyer Valeria Carreras.

The lawyer requests the removal of Judge Ercolini, who was in charge of the investigation last February, when it was sent from the federal Justice of Dolores to Comodoro Py 2002.

The start of the review of Macri’s processing was scheduled for Tuesday the 12th, but was postponed until April 26.

That day he asked to present Carreras’ complaint orally, also by Zoom, while until now Macri’s defense, led by lawyer Pablo Lanusse, reported that he will present a brief.

Macri was prosecuted on December 1 last by decision of the interim federal judge of Dolores, Marín Bavawho carried out the investigation until last February, when he referred it to Comodoro Py.

Since then, the case is in charge of Judge Ercolini while the appeal of Macri’s prosecution was studied by Llorens, Bruglia and Bertuzzi, unsuccessfully challenged by the family complaint.

When prosecuting him, Bava maintained that Macri “from his position as President of the Nation, at least in the period between December 2017 and the end of 2018, ordered and made possible the systematic carrying out of expressly prohibited intelligence tasks. by Law 25,520 and its amendments”.

These would have consisted of “obtaining information, producing intelligence, and storing data on people, because of their political opinion or their membership in party, social, trade union, community, and human rights organizations.”

Former President Macri is on trial but the judge authorized him to travel abroad Photo Pepe Mateos
Former President Macri is on trial but the judge authorized him to travel abroad. (Photo Pepe Mateos)

The former president is also embargoed for 100 million pesos and is prohibited from leaving the country, although Judge Ercolini has already authorized him to make different trips abroad.

On December 6, Lanusse appealed the prosecution before the Federal Chamber of Mar del Plata, but the Court of Appeals referred everything to Comodoro Py after the case was transferred to the federal jurisdiction of the city of Buenos Aires.

Appealing the prosecution to the former president, the lawyer argued that Bava acted with “prejudgment.”

In the case for illegal espionage the relatives of the 44 deceased crew members of the submarine are Gustavo Arribas and Silvia Majdalani, former AFI officials in the macrismo, were also prosecuted, in addition to other former officials of the intelligence agency such as Diego Dalmau Pereyra and Martín Costeamong other defendants.

According to the case, the acts of illegal espionage were based on the Mar del Plata delegation of the AFI and occurred from December 2017 to the same month of 2018.

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