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MEF finds no conflict of interest in tax exemption for Minister Arbeleche’s husband

MEF finds no conflict of interest in tax exemption for Minister Arbeleche's husband

Azucena Arbeleche’s husband agreed to a tax exemption for his company.

A resolution signed by the Minister of Economy and Finance, Azucena Arbeleche, last year, which enabled the tax exemption for the company where her husband works, has generated political controversy regarding whether the Secretary of State acted in accordance with the law or if you violated the regulations.

The former president of the Board of Transparency and Public Ethics (JUTEP), Ricardo Gil Iribarne, affirmed that the exoneration is correct and that is not in question, but that the minister should not have put her signature on the resolution and should have allowed another hierarch to sign it. did.

“What is clear is that she could not sign it, there is an absolute prohibition, the minister could not sign that, she should have excused herself, and by signing it she violates the law,” said Gil Iribarne.

Gil Iribarne affirmed that what the minister did “is not a crime, but an administrative offense” and that in this case “her hierarchical superior must analyze” what should be done with the Secretary of State, and that this corresponds to the president of the Republic.

“That a minister violates the law is not good,” insisted the former president of JUTEP.

From the government they have refused to make statements, but from the Ministry of Economy they have transmitted the conviction that the situation is adjusted to the law.

Lanafil SA, a company that sells phytosanitary products, filed an application with the Commission for the Application of the Investment Law (COMAP) to access tax benefits for an investment of more than 38 million pesos in civil works, purchase of equipment and electric vehicles .

Lanafil’s general manager is the chemical engineer Juan Alzugaray, husband of Minister Arbeleche.

COMAP recommended that the Executive Branch approve the investment benefit given that it complies with the provisions of the investment law, which led to a resolution signed by Arbeleche on August 3 declaring the investment promoted.

In accordance with the law, this allows exonerating import taxes, a percentage of IRAE to the chosen investment and grants VAT credit for the purchase of goods and services for the investment.

Faced with questions about a possible conflict of interest, sources from the Ministry of Economy told Underlined that Arbeleche’s decision was in accordance with the law, there was no misuse of the public function and no undue benefits were granted, complying with the articles of the Code of Public Ethics, in particular article 31 of Law 19,823.

From the Ministry, they indicated that the COMAP reports, in which representatives of various ministries participate, are binding. For this reason, the minister on duty cannot deviate from said report and has no margin of decision.

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