MEF evaluates additional credit to prioritize projects with a higher degree of progress

MEF evaluates additional credit to prioritize projects with a higher degree of progress

To continue advancing with the closing of gaps in education, transportation and health, the , said this Monday that it is being evaluated to allocate an additional credit to the different sectors, which should prioritize these resources in speeding up the projects.

We have already made a supplementary loan and for this year we are evaluating the possibility, within responsible management of the economy, of additional resources to prioritize them, but that has to be done by the sectors”, said the minister at the XIV Decentralized Council of Ministers in the Loreto region.

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In that sense, he pointed out that the health, education and transportation sectors should prioritize projects that have a greater degree of progress in order to use that money efficiently. “We are going to inject a limited part of additional resources”, he indicated.

Likewise, the head of the MEF mentioned that they will also reallocate resources for this year.

For example, the Loreto region has been assigned S/ 1,600 million only in investment projects, of which, to date, 23% is being executed, that is why it is the call to be honest about how much has been used and what thing cannot be used as scheduled, to reassign those resources efficiently and serve citizens immediately“, accurate.

Graham pointed out that it is important to streamline the execution of the budgets assigned to regional and local governments to promote the development of projects aimed at closing social gaps, especially in the aspect of public infrastructure.

Impulse to Loreto

Minister Graham stated that Loreto, with all the potential it has, cannot think that oil will be a permanent source of income now that the world economy is moving toward decarbonization, that is, less use of fossil resources.

Along these lines, he stressed that its potential is forestry, tourism and aquaculture, which must be developed with greater force.

In forestry we can be very productive, with good quality wood and good processing, but if we don’t have the certification, then that doesn’t help us. We need an adequate transformation and for that we need to work together with the Ministry of Production and the Ministry of Transport”, he pointed out.


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