What Piccini said when declaring him innocent of the Tucano case

What Piccini said when declaring him innocent of the Tucano case

The colonel Carlos Piccini Nunezacquitted together with two others accused by the Public Ministry of receiving bribes of US$3.5 million from the Empresa Brasileira de Aeronautica (clutch) to benefit as a supplier of eight Super Tucano aircraft spoke as he left court on Monday.

“I have been blessed by the Lord, because as you know, I unjustly suffered three years in prison, of which I spent a great deal of time in solitary,” Piccini Núñez told the media present at the Ciudad Nueva Palace of Justice.

He called on the Public Ministry to be more objective and not affect so many families, causing suffering.

“I am a believing man and the evil that I have suffered and my children, I leave it to the Lord”Carlos Piccini Nunez

On his side, Piccini Núñez’s lawyer said that he will wait for the full sentence that the court will make on July 12 and urged the Public ministry not to appeal the case.

“The director of Pepca himself, Wilson Camachowas the one who approved the agreement with clutch and they said they received the evidence that the clutch sent him to Pepca, so they have the tests and they must open Super Tucano 2.0, as they said they were going to do with clutch“said the lawyer.

He held that, in the case of MagicCorp, this company understands that it had received values ​​for the case of Carlos Piccini Nunez and since it was not proven, “Then we are going to claim compensation from Magic Corp and everyone who pointed to Carlos Piccini Núñez.”

The Magic Corp company, which was investigated and raided by the Specialized Prosecutor’s Office against Administrative Corruption (Pepca) for the Tucano case, its owner, Arturo Balaguer Cotes, revealed that it was a government consultant.

In the case of the company clutchwho admitted giving bribes, was sentenced in 2018 to pay 7 million 40 thousand dollars to the Dominican State.

The Super Tucanos were acquired by the State from clutch for the sum of US$ 93.6 million in 2008.

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