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Candidate for the Senate by Honor Colorado consolidates team in several departments

The report of the Secretariat for the Prevention of Money Laundering (SEPRELAD) is a novel based on conjecture and has the purpose of a political attack on Horacio Cartes, according to his lawyer Pedro Ovelar, who announced legal actions to find those responsible for the falsehood elaborated. and shared in certain media outlets.

In conversation with the radio station Universo 970 – Nación Media, lawyer Pedro Ovelar referred this Sunday to the disclosure in the media of a report by the Secretariat for the Prevention of Money Laundering (SEPRELAD), which would link former president Horacio Cartes with money laundering and that such a report is currently in the possession of the Public Ministry.

In this sense, the lawyer explained that the way in which the report appears in ABC and ÚH is striking, when some politicians from the sector of the Minister of Seprelad already announced on May 22 that they had that document that linked Cartes with money laundering, even before the Prosecutor’s Office has that information.

“This report comes from a request from the Prosecutor’s Office in the framework of the open case of Arnaldo Giuzzio’s complaints. It is understood that all the woven conjecture is aimed at a political attack and a defense of the absolute lack of evidence when Giuzzio made his complaint against Cartes. It is a report that has a purely political and not a legal purpose, it lacks technical rigor, ”he argued.

The interviewee stated that the modus operandi for this attack was as follows: Seprelad made its report to support Giuzzio’s complaint, forwarded it to the Public Ministry and then leaked it to the allied media, but the document in question had already been thoroughly reviewed. previously by political sectors.

“This is a novel based on conjecture, misinformation, legal activities are made illegal,” he said when asked where the illegal activity or money laundering is when industrializing and selling tobacco locally. “This is a rehash, it is going backwards. They publish cases where Mr. Horacio Cartes was investigated and dismissed”, he added.

Media reports that echo the Seprelad report mention that Cartes allegedly sold cigarettes to his own companies, such as his cement company and press outlets. However, on that point, the lawyer clarified that the information is completely wrong.

“There is talk of CECON and a television channel, it seems that this was written by an illiterate person, because he confuses the money that Tabesa pays. If Tabesa sold cigarettes to those companies, he was not going to be giving them money, but he was going to be receiving the money. When Tabesa transfers the money (to these companies), it is not for the sale of cigarettes, they are loans between companies and advertising guidelines. The report makes no sense, and we clearly understand what it is about,” he clarified.

“It is a partnership between politicians and the media to dirty the former president and help a politician who cannot face Honor Colorado. It is a gang formed by certain sectors of the press, in collusion with politicians of various colors, to try to win over the group led by the former president in this reprehensible way. That is what it is about, nothing more and nothing less than that, ”he pointed out.

Finally Ovelar announced that they are evaluating legal action against those responsible for this report and that they will come after this plan. So they will also go after the “repeaters of false news”. “That exceeds all limits allowed in a political contest,” he launched.

For weeks there has been talk about the intervention of people linked to the staff of candidate Hugo Velázquez in SEPRELAD’s operations, which clearly generates political contamination of the initiatives of this body.

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