Mayer Mizrachi on implementation of the law on electric mobility: ‘The only thing more expensive in Panama is gasoline’

Mayer Mizrachi delved this Friday into savings with electric vehicles, after President Laurentino Cortizo sanctioned the law that encourages electric mobility in our country.

He expressed that many people think that, because electricity in Panama is expensive, an electric car is going to be very expensive, on the contrary, “it turns out that the only thing more expensive in Panama is gasoline.”

He indicated that we produce 70% of the electricity we consume in Panama, but we produce 0% of the gasoline we consume, we import all of it.

Mizrachi revealed that he currently spends $7 a week on electricity vs. $100 on gasoline.

He explained that an electric motor weighs 50 pounds and has 70 parts, that means the car weighs less, on the other hand, the fewer parts there are, the less things can be damaged. “As there is no oil, coolant, combustion, mixture of gasoline and oil to make the combustion, there is no corrosion or wear and the depreciation of the car, through 5 years is a tenth of what we are used to seeing,” he remarked.

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