Mauricio Valenzuela on mobilization expenses: ‘There is no public money in this country that should not be justified’

The excessive expenses for the mobilization of mayors and representatives, which are $5,000, have generated a stir in Panamanian society, especially some citizens who ask that these funds be controlled.

According to Mauricio Valenzuela, a member of the digital media Foco, he expressed that we have the responsibility to continue exposing the facts to the public, indicating that the Public Ministry should initiate an investigation ex officio.

“There is no public money in this country that should not be justified. They have to justify the expenses, and even if they say that the law does not require presentation of mobilization expenses, they are public funds,” he said.

Valenzuela alluded to the statements issued a few days ago by the capital’s mayor, José Luis Fábrega, who alleged that he is not required to support his mobilization expenses in the amount of $5,000.

“The only thing that we (Foco) ask of you is that you report on that expense because they are public funds, from the State. Where do those $5,000 go,” he remarked.

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