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Matches differ from mess shakes Chamber Accounts

The tension rose this morning in the Senate of the Republic due to the positions found between the different legislative blocks regarding the accusations of sexual and labor harassment of two employees of the legal department against the president of the Chamber of Accounts, Janel Andrés Ramírez Sánchez .

In this sense, the spokesman for the bloc of senators of the ruling Modern Revolutionary Party (PRM), Franklin Romero, rejected that the government is protecting the president of the supervisory body, as alleged by PLD senator Yván Lorenzo.

Franklin Romero

Romero maintained that the Luis Abinader government is managed in a transparent manner, and has nothing to do with what is happening in the Chamber of Accounts.

“What Iván is saying, that is a pure lie, here what we are doing as senators that he knows is seeking to preserve due process, as the Constitution says, which is what we are alleging. And we clarify that the resolution submitted by the colleague senator was not known in the justice commission because he did not give us the time and it was left on the table, ”he said.

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He explained that “first, that case is already in the jurisdiction of the Public Ministry, and we in the Senate, according to article 280 of the Constitution, are the judges in the case of a trial against a public official, but the trial process does not We did not initiate it, but in the Chamber of Deputies and if we do not determine guilt or innocence, we would be violating due process.”

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Dionis Sanchez

He cited article 83 of the Magna Carta, which establishes that “The Chamber of Deputies has exclusive powers to accuse before the Senate public officials elected by popular vote, those elected by the Senate and by the National Council of the Magistracy, for the commission of serious offenses in the exercise of their functions. The accusation can only be made with the favorable vote of two thirds of the enrollment.

Dionis Sanchez

While the spokesman for the People’s Force in the Upper House, Dionis Sánchez, author of the resolution to investigate the complaints against Ramírez Sánchez, described as disrespectful the attitude of the president of the Senate Justice Commission Pedro Catrain, who decided that what is said about Ramírez Sánchez is not true and that the issue would not be worked on in the commission, “as if we lived in a dictatorship”

Sánchez reminded Catrain that the task of the plenary session must be fulfilled and that it was not him personally who was commissioned to investigate the complaints.

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Janel Ramirez

“What we asked for was that an investigation be allowed to establish whether it is true or a lie, not that if there were meetings for the members of the Chamber of Accounts to agree, it is not that, it is that it be investigated. “So a single person cannot deliberately make a decision, that is only seen in the dictatorship, a single person decide, that has no purpose and therefore I am not going to present or work on that issue because as president of the Justice Commission I decided that this has no purpose and what was being talked about was and what was being talked about was not true, and that was not what was entrusted, “said the representative of the People’s Force for the Pedernales province .

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Aris Yvan Lorenzo

He added that “the role of a member of a commission is that if the plenary entrusted him to do something, follow through on that, that is what corresponds, then if it is not true, if there was no such harassment, what is necessary is to prove it and period , and that three or five members of the Chamber of Accounts agree that they are going to work harmoniously, because that was not what was entrusted”.

Yvan Lawrence

In Thursday’s session, the opposition Dominican Liberation Party (PLD) accused the ruling Modern Revolutionary Party (PRM) of protecting the president of the Chamber of AccountsJanel Andrés Ramírez Sánchez, who is accused of sexual harassment, as well as abuse of power and inappropriate behavior by several employees

“The PRM bench opens the doors to the crisis in the Chamber of Accounts with its protection so that serious complaints in that institution are not investigated,” said the spokesman for the PLD bloc in the Senate Yván Lorenzo.

He argued that “it is unfortunate that the National Congress has allowed itself to be removed from the oversight work of research programs.”

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