Regional Government of Huancavelica chooses a strategic date to render accounts and not have the attention of the people

Regional Government of Huancavelica chooses a strategic date to render accounts and not have the attention of the people

The regional governor of Huancavelica, Maciste Díaz Abad, will report to the population on September 30, two days before the regional and municipal elections.

In this regard, the regional councilor Fernando Clemente Arana said that this hearing is held when they will not have the attention of the population of Huancavelica.

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“It will not receive much attention from the population, the governor will expose the achievements and weaknesses that he has, in achievements there is almost nothing,” said Clemente Arana.

He noted that in this government they have not been able to complete the works of the previous administration, they have increased anemia and malnutrition, and that not even the Huancavelica – Rumichaca highway file can present it 100%.

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Regarding the date, the regional counselor Teobaldo Quispe Guillén, from the same Maciste party, stated that the date of this hearing was decided by the Regional Council in April.

“The 30th is Friday, I know that it is two days before the elections are going to take place, unfortunately the executive has scheduled it, their work plan has already been approved in the Regional Council,” said Quispe Guillén.

“vice” doesn’t know. We also sought the response of the regional deputy governor, Jaime Escobar, who said he was not aware of this hearing.

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The also former regional counselor of this management, said that this issue is decided by the executive (he is now part of this establishment) and that the governor has not yet given him part of the matter.

“You still don’t have a precise and concrete date,” he said, despite the fact that there is a large poster on the door of his office.

It should be noted that Quispe Guillén said that this date was decided in April, when Escobar was still a director, but now he said he does not remember anything about this issue and that he will suggest changing the date.

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