Market 4: They ask for the removal of Juan Villalba

Market 4: They ask for the removal of Juan Villalba

Market 4 permit holders closed Eusebio Ayala avenue between Silvio Pettirossi and General Aquino yesterday morning. This, as a measure of protest against the latest measures of Juan Villalba, director of Mercado 4.

Likewise, they demand the completion of the central building of the populous shopping center. Improvements that began eight years ago for US $ 5 million. Resources donated by the binational Itaipu. However, the works are not progressing.

Leonardo Ojeda, president of the Market 4 Permit Holders Association, said that during the day they were able to speak with Villalba.

“First he locked himself in his office. Then we waited for half an hour. He told us things that we want to hear, but then he goes and does something else, “he explained.

Regarding the works of the building with resources from Itaipu, he affirmed that 50% of the works are still missing.

“Now ‘Nenecho’ will have to answer. He was as a councilor and then as president of the Board for six years. What happened to the money? If the resources exist, the works cannot stop ”, he questioned.

Juan Villalba, director of Market 4, announced that he will remain firm in office, despite the request for his resignation by a sector of the permit holders.

He said that the real problem are the corners where there are hydrant hydrants. Villalba alleges that he seeks to clear those areas to facilitate the work of firefighters during the fires. However, the permit holders are opposed to a rearrangement.

“I’m going to clear because that’s what the law says, and it will create constant danger if I don’t. It was the result of the census. There are seven troubled corners. We will carry out the operational inspection tomorrow (for today). We will look for a way to relocate them ”, he reported.

The interviewee called a meeting with those affected to discuss this issue. It is worth mentioning that there is no activated fire prevention system on the market.

On the issue of building, he affirmed that it is an agreement that the same binational company abandoned at the beginning of the pandemic. He said that 35% of the works are missing, as opposed to the 50% reported by the permit holders.

“That was clarified to him and that we are in contact with the authorities of the binational to continue with the work,” he said.

At another point, he questioned protesters accusing him of setting harmful rules that affect workers. He asked for clarification on what those measures were since, for him, he did not make such claims.

“The smuggling issue is dealt with by Customs, and if last time there were SET inspectors, it is a situation that the Treasury ordered, not me. It is something brought by the hair. I am not a civil servant of those institutions, “he concluded.

Leonardo Ojeda, president of the Market Permit Holders Association 4.

Market 4: They ask for the removal of Juan Villalba
Juan Villalba, director of the Market 4.

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