María del Carmen Alva had an incident with the mayor of Ocoña: "She is in my house, I demand respect from her"

María del Carmen Alva had an incident with the mayor of Ocoña: “She is in my house, I demand respect from her”

The president of the Congress of the Republic, María del Carmen Alva (Popular Action), was involved in an incident during a meeting between parliamentarians and urban authorities, demanding “respect” from Marilú Janeth Gonzales Porras, mayor of the Ocoña district, in the Arequipa region.

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Initially, Gonzales Porras showed his indignation at a bill promoted by the Constitution Commission that, in his opinion, harmed the development of construction works in his town.

It is a very great indignation that I feel inside my heart because we, as mayors, have been elected by the people and the congressmen were also elected by the people, but to work for them, not to go against them, that’s why I am outraged and annoyed”, exclaimed Marilú Gonzales.

These decrees of 086 and 100 have been removed for continuity this year. How do you think that we are going to leave the work half done after we have a contact with the company? It means that they want to leave ‘white elephants’”, he added.

However, the mayor’s speech was interrupted by Alva Prieto, considering that her words “disrespected” the national representation.

Mayor, mayor, mayor, this meeting… you are here in my house, I demand respect, this is a conversation between congressmen, mayors, of dialogue… I have always said that Congress is open to talk“, said the head of Parliament.

Given this, María del Carmen Alva emphasized that she is not going to “allow him to speak that way because here, indeed, we are representatives of the people and we work for the people and I think you are totally uninformed”.

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Finally, he asked to continue with the session so that it could be explained that from the Legislative “we help the mayors.”

They will clearly understand. Can you believe that we, as congressmen, want to take money from you to take works from your people? Please, please, we are all here and we help the mayors so that they have meetings with ministers and can help them with their works.”, he concluded.


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